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Maserati MC Stradale | Maserati | Source

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The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

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the autumnal colour spectrum

(photos by rob herr, richard shilling, ryan connors, evie jaye, mr. dale)

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Just spent 20 minutes singing to my mcdonalds hashbrown

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Bloody Mary—

I know many of you are quite fimiliar with this “hangover cure” but have you ever tried to do it yourself?

Im talking team cheap.

You dont need to make a mix with a pot full of ingridents and let the flavors medley for a few hours, bullshit. Trust me on this one.

Before you start making your drink take some lime that you’ve cut up and run the pulp side around the glass. Take some of that molasses bacon seasoning mentioned below and spread some on a plate. Like a margarita, take the brim of the glass and roll around in seasoning.

Hows that for fancy. Take that on over to that restaurant with bacon and shrimp hanging off their Bloody Mary and see what they what to say.

For 1 Bloody Mary by the glass:
3 oz vodka (remember “hangover cure”)
10 oz spicy V8* juice
Worcester sauce
Celery salt
Cayenne pepper
McCormick Molasses bacon seasoning
Touch of horseradish

After you’ve seasoned your drink to your taste, mix well before filling with ice to the top of glass.

For garnish:

Put on toothpick and lay on top or on glass.

Its simple. It takes less than 10 minutes, and before you know it your screaming at football teams on TV you have zero interest in.

Oh and about that hangover.. forgeta’ bout it!


AriStona Grape Ape 🍇💨 by @high_tech_glass by mayhemglass http://ift.tt/1ALCqXq


accordingtodevin x thecraziethewizard collab
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Dog Works at Airport Returning Passenger’s Lost Items

Holy shit balls this is cool

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